Letter Of Demand

What is your situation?

I want to send a letter of demand

I received a letter of demand

The formal notice is an official letter that directs the recipient (for example, a merchant) to do or not to do something. It may be, for example, to fix a problem, pay a sum of money or respect a contract. The notice specifies terms and a deadline to be complied with.

Why put a formal notice?

You can send a formal notice when you are dissatisfied with a good purchased or a service obtained. This letter gives the other party the opportunity to respond to your request without going through the courts. Before doing this, we suggest you to negotiate with the other party. Do you want us to negotiate? talk to a lawyer now!

Our service

Our service is the writing and sending of the formal notice by a lawyer on your behalf, according to the information provided by you. Subsequently, we follow up with the receiving party and we will send you any response, if any.

Communication with us

Communication and exchange of documents is mainly via your digital locker or other technological means if necessary. You still have the option of physically meeting a lawyer, if any other fees might apply.

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