Virtual Lawyers

At a time when access to justice and legal services has become increasingly complicated because of delays, high costs, the challenges of moving to the city, the lack of proximity to certain services in the suburbs, this is where where the idea of ​​Virtual Lawyer was born.

Virtual Lawyer is a 100% online law firm composed of lawyers who are members of the Quebec Bar and other jurisdictions. It is a division of the multidisciplinary firm, Korbatly and Associates Inc.

A one-stop shop where you have access to several legal services in a few minutes and you do not have to go anywhere, no matter where you live.

In addition, if you ever need to meet a lawyer in person, the “Talk to a lawyer now” service allows you to do this.

Virtual Lawyer is the solution to all your legal needs of everyday life. Whether you want to incorporate or register your business, obtain an amicable divorce, write or have a contract analyzed, send a formal notice, pursue small claims or challenge your statement of offense, Virtual Lawyer is there to help you and to accompany you in all your steps with all confidentiality and security.

Virtual Lawyer is your lawyer.

For any kind of questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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